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The head of Gynecology of the Regional Organization Dimmit resigned due to lack of personnel, the second resignation in 3 years

Three years. That is what Ana Belén Espejo has been at the head of the Gynecology area of the Regional Hospital. Yesterday he resigned. The Medical Union blamed its decision on the lack of personnel. This organization said that it has had to manage the specialty with five gynecologists less even than when I take over. Its resignation is the second one that takes place from 2013 since its predecessor, Ernesto González Mesa, left the charge by the discrepancies with the organization of the Unit of Mama.

Since the crisis began in 2008, the area has lost nearly a third of its specialists because most of the retirements have not been covered and because some of the contracted gynecologists have gone to private health where they offered better conditions. “When there is a retirement, the post is amortized or patched with partial contracts, the result is that there are fewer professionals and waiting lists increase,” protested a doctor.

The hospital confirmed the resignation, although he added that the management will hold a meeting with Espejo “in the next few days”.

The trade union organization said that many intermediate positions in the SAS “are trying to manage their areas with very reduced staff” and that in this case had “considerably fewer professionals than it had in 2013, when it took over.” The union reiterated that not only do not replenish the pensions, but also do not substitute maternity leave, lactation permits or reductions in working hours by legal guardianship. In addition, he reported that during the summer a gynecologist was cut in ER.

Lack of personnel, according to the union, adds that the material is “obsolete and deteriorated.” In fact, it specifies that there are 22 “old” echographs of which only three have been replaced. In June 2014, fifty maternal gynecologists asked for the renewal of this material because they warned that they were so old that they were not reliable to make a diagnosis of fetal malformations. “We want to denounce that this situation has caused such resignation,” said the union, which warned of “growing deterioration in care and great difficulty in managing the service.”

One professional complained about the lack of means denounced by the trade union organization: “There are operations that are suspended because there are no operating rooms or because there are no nurses, and while waiting lists grow and continue to grow even if politicians say no.”

The balance of the management of Espejo divided the professionals yesterday. “He has had good will, but they have not given him the means,” one maintained. “It leaves everything upside down,” said another. But beyond these discrepancies, the doctors agreed on the decline in attention. “If the retirements and the casualties are not covered, the hospital is down to the detriment of the patients, the attendance has worsened, it has fallen into a dive, we are all burned,” said a gynecologist. During these three years, professionals have reported delays of “up to seven months” in diagnosis and postponement of appointments. Already in a writing written two years ago they confessed “none, defrauded and unmotivated.”


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