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Politicians who have lost weight with the famous ABC Diet

The hussy were 15 kilos less and I-trau-Mo. One of the most sybaritic ladies of myCISEN and I had been to see us on the terrace for breakfast Meridiem of a pasture, and see #superguapasuperflacaysuperlacia said goodbye chilaquiles.

When ordering I figured she was just going to ask for a glass of water, but no, this lady # delascuatrodécadas took an envelope from his CH (stating that I speak of Carolina Herrera , are not going to believe that there are bags of the brand Calderon Hinojosa ) and asked the waiter to please you dissolve the powder in the envelope on a small plate with light milk. As I asked the source of #lospolvosmagicos, my friend told me the best kept secret to stop vomiting: ABC diet drops.

Installed in the role of Miss Nutrition, my spy told me with pears and apples that this is a treatment prescribed at the Center for Nutrition, Obesity and Metabolic Disorders of the ABC Hospital Observatory and consists of consultations with general practitioners, nutritionists , wiith Pastillas para perder Peso Rápido and psychologists which, through a long list of clinical studies determine the state of obesity and fat treatment as she should wear.

“You’re going to shit when I tell you what politicians are going to this diet,” said entusiasmadísima me while I thought why all my gossips, when I spend #superchisme, think #ashhhhh will suffer from fecal incontinence.

And because my informanta let go: “I have seen Ernesto Cordero (Minister of Finance); also to guapito this, called, called Poiré, Alejandro Poiré (Technical Secretary of the National Security Council); which has dropped canyon is Mony de Swaan (president of the Federal Telecommunications Commission) I think like me, around 15 kilos; Like I’ve seen Mario Delgado (Secretary of Education DF); I have not seen it but my husband says it also goes Alejandra Sota (coordinator of Social Communication of the Presidency) and already he looks up waist “.


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