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Invest in Mauritius: Mauritian Government tax

Invest in Mauritius: Mauritian tax

Taxation in force in Mauritius is quite mild: no wealth tax and a single rate for the IR, corporate tax and VAT of 15% and a total lack of social security contributions and taxes. However, when talking about investing abroad should watch the double taxation treatment modalities under bilateral double taxation conventions.

Consult your agreement to avoid double taxation on the Mauritian tax website

This agreement is particularly favorable to the French investor expects revenue from rental of real estate are not taxable in France. Similarly, assets located in Mauritius are not subject to wealth tax.

But be careful, if we sometimes evokes no inheritance tax in Mauritius it is important to clarify that there is no specific article in the treaty between France and Mauritius for the treatment of inheritance. Thus, if the heir is resident in France at the time of succession is French national law that will apply and will be taxed in respect of inheritance taxes in the same way as a French estate.


Living in Mauritius: how to get a residence permit?

As part of a tourist visa for 3 months renewable one time, a non-resident Mauritian can stay up to 6 months in Mauritius. To have the right to reside more than 6 months on Mauritius should be to obtain a residence permit that can apply in the 3 following cases:

– To acquire a property in Mauritius with a value of $ 500,000 as part of a program or IRS RES: under these conditions the investor buying an apartment or luxury villas mauritius┬ámay retain his residence permit as an it will retain ownership of the property. In case of purchase in groups, in their own name or through a company, one investor may receive a residence permit attached to good and valid also for the spouse of the investor and his children aged under 18.

– Create a company in Mauritius: To obtain a residence permit for an initial period of 3 years (the renewal is valid for a period of 10 years) depending on the industry will need to invest at least $ 30,000 or $ 100,000 in professional activity, obtain all the authorizations of the sector, justify a minimum annual business turnover, etc. This residence permit is valid for the investor, their spouse and their minor children.

– Retire in Mauritius: it is sufficient for it to prove to the minimum Mauritian authorities levied an income out of Mauritius $ 40,000 per year who will be repatriated to a bank account in Mauritius.The residence permit is valid for a period of 3 years and after that the foreign retiree period may obtain a permanent residence permit.


Our advice in terms of product choice

Property investment in Mauritius requires a thorough examination of program quality, financial guarantees promoter and inking in the Mauritian economy. In fact, many programs never see the commercialization of fault date, funding or authorization. Only a knowledge of the area allows to unearth the real holders of programs added value for future buyers.


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