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How to clean a sofa

When you know how to clean a sofa perhaps most important is to know why it gets dirty and the causes of staining, thus avoid future stains and achieve a prevention that eventually we will save on cleaning time or money if we buy a new sofa.

Use daily sofa just leaving it dirty, stained upholstery, with hairs and food scraps etc. Leave the sofa as new requires a very thorough cleaning. In supermarkets sure you can see hundreds of specific products for cleaning a sofa. These products can be very expensive and the end result will not be what you expected. Nor do we recommend that the first exchange acudas to seek help from a professional cleaning because it could be very expensive too, for all that, we invite you to keep reading because you’re going to turn on how to properly clean a sofa without using expensive products and without damaging or spoiling the sofa upholstery.


1 – Vacuuming

Vacuum cleaners usually have an attachment which engages the tube and is specific to couch cleaning. With this accessory we can absorb dirt particles from upholstery, dust and other debris. This is certainly the first step before cleaning anything like we have to sweep a floor before mopping, vacuuming dirt need the sofa before cleaning with other products. We recommend vacuuming at least once a week and thoroughly clean the sofa once a month.


2 – Prepare a mixture of products.

There are many commercial products in specific market for sofas, for armchairs, for leather skins etc. These products are usually quite expensive and the results can sometimes be negligible. We advise you yourself prepare a homemade mixture will secure cheaper, without chemicals that harm the environment or health and to leave some very good results.

It is mix a cup of hot water with a splash of liquid soap without parabens, as we can use to cleanse your hands. Mix well with a whisk all so stay white frothy. With this liquid we get clean without fear intoxicated or damage the surface of the sofa.

3 – Apply the product.

To apply this liquid will use a clean sponge or very soft brush, because if we use other types of cloth can scratch and damage forever the couch. We get wet sponge in the liquid and apply it on the couch with circular movements, always from the top down to prevent drops or spills fall on the already cleaned area.

4 – Remove the foam

It is not good that there is foam on the couch, excess foam may discolor the upholstery to dry, so we recommend spending a plastic spatula and go collect excess foam. We can use a clean cloth dipped in cold water to rinse the rest of the surface of the sofa.

5 – Let dry.

Finally, we will let the sofa dry air, by opening windows or using fans pointing to the sofa, thus, in a few hours we will have dry.

Final Tips:

To maintain the cleanliness and last much longer, we recommend taking precautions when consuming food. Use a bowl to collect the crumbs, not to support food scraps on the upholstery, and if spilled some drink, clean and dry as soon as possible to prevent the stain stay permanently. Speed is vital to get a good result.


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