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Democratic party affected accounting and veterinary medicine in one

Reruns were carried out only in the Faculty of science accounting and administrative. According to students the first attacks were carried out at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, but yet were not acudidos.

The Dean of the Faculty of science accounting and administrative, Edgardo Pineda Quispe, says that what happened the last four of June (student elections) in this House of studies, was one of the worst passages that has occurred in the National University of the Highlands (a – Puno), since the violence recorded in the afternoon has left extensive damage.

“It is not possible that students in vocational training have turned an electoral party in an act of vandalism and crime, damaging his own House of studies”, was the point of view of the main authority of this faculty.

According to Pineda, the economic losses estimated so far by the blight of crystals in their classrooms would be the 50 thousand nuevos soles, so questioned the actions of leaders, because that money could have been used for other matters.

So also, it was speculating looting in several faculties, including Cloud bookkeeper services and administration; However, this was denied by the Dean, “losses were only recorded by smashing glass, most not of looting or other elements”, added.


According to students who participated in this lawsuit that apart from the economic consequences, was wounded, all the mess began with the destruction of some crystals of the Faculty of veterinary medicine, what would have caused the reaction of the other party’s candidates.

“Were gathered every game with your group, clear at the beginning there were provocations, but not believed that this would more then was when some other party colleagues, hurt by the loss at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, began with the destruction of some glasses, then started when the conflict”, said a student who preferred not to identify for possible retaliation.

1. the Faculty in most affected was already answer for damages, as students threatened to suspend their academic work but you topped up the damages. 2. However, the authorities yet have identified those responsible for these regrettable events, which for Edgardo Pineda must be thoroughly investigated by the relevant authorities.


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