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Advice on education and dog training

Today we are going to comment some guidelines in the education and the training of our puppies

For a perfect development. We all know that when they are small the education and the first norms are fundamental because they will determine their future personality.

The most important thing in the whole process will be to achieve a perfect synchrony between the affection and the training so as not to be “very hard” or “very soft”. This we achieve with the right balance between affection and discipline through a process of education adapted to the circumstances of each family. The purpose will be to end training both the owner and the dog to get a good quality of life and also, be socially fit.

Education is fundamental because it develops the emotional well-being of the dog. The rules of behavior at home, Learning to control their sphincters , moments for the game, their intimate space, rules of behavior during the ride, traveling by car … They are all things that we must teach you and that you should learn from a puppy. ¬†The basis of education in this stage is fundamental for its correct emotional and physical development.
On the other hand and given that nobody is born learned, an educational plan must be developed. At first it is normal that everything is affection, with hugs and pampering. But, also keep in mind that an excess of this can be harmful since the rules have to be put on the table from the first day. It’s not worth the “come on” for one night. Being a little demanding will not mean wanting less.

A puppy is started by educating for later training

. You never have to try to burn stages too fast as it can cause problems. The puppy needs from the first day of an intimate, own site, which gives him security . For that the educational cage or transporter is perfect.

Education before 4 months
Before the age of four months they must have seen and performed all the basic activities that they will initially do throughout their lives, since at the end of the four months the stage of socialization of customs is over . When at this stage the education is correct will be when it reaches the well-being.

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You have to instruct and instill concepts from the first day through the environment where you live and deal with people in your environment. This will enable you to develop all your intellectual abilities in the best way.
Training with a solid foundation in education starts at six or eight months. You can begin to harden at this stage mentally the dog, create a resistance to frustration, and it is not like a badly bred child that whenever something wants to be given . The owner is always the one who decides, thus generating a better link between human and dog. Continue reading more dog index here


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