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The Daniel White Page

Daniel White, recent Democratic party primary candidate for the 10th Congressional District.


Born September 9, 1962 in San Francisco. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of California, Los Angeles in 1984, graduated from University of San Francisco Law School in 1987. Nine years experience as civil litigator in insurance, construction, personal injury, business, and the environment. Amateur photographer.

Excerpts from Dan's Stump Speech

In just the week before Christmas, with the Federal government in disarry for at least the third time in 1995, I remembered a newspaper article I read that said that a week before the filing deadline that the Democrats did not have a candidate to run against the radical Republican congressman in the 10th district. I'd always be a "Yellow Dog Democrat" since my start in politics at the ripe old age of ten filling envelopes for may father's teachers' union. For those of you who don't know, a Yellow Dog Democrat is someone who will vote for yellow dog if that is the only candidate against the Republican. Well, God willing, I am that yellow dog.

Government Shutdown

... The shutting down of the gederal governent for the petty purposes [..of Speaker Gingrich] must end, and the voters must take responsibility and throw the radical Republicans out.

Let's Talk Republicans

I'm a Democrat. A liberal Democrat. I don't have anything against moderate Republicans, or even conservative Republicans. I don't like their policies, but at least they play by the rules. But there are radical Republicans in the House of Representatives that could destroy this country as we know it. The repeated shutting down of the government by these radical Republicans is the stupidest thing that I've ever seen happen in the United States.

Medicare and Medicaid

The average Social Security check is about $700. Most are smaller. The radical Republicans propose a $7 per month increase in payments made by recipients. Thats $84 more per year from those who can least afford it. Are we going to sell out our parents, grandparents and those Americans who in good faith worked all their lives and paid their taxes? Are we going to struggle to help them? When someone is on a fixed income, $7 more can be the difference between life and death. They cannot find another $7 somewhere because they have already commited every last cent. This is to save $245 billion dollars.

Capitol Gains Tax

The Medicare cuts for the most defensless and poorest Americans will pay for the capital gains tax cuts for the richest corporations and wealthiest Americans. That capital gains tax cut will cost roughly $250 Billion. ...

Here is my capital gains tax cut proposal: There is currently a $125,000 one time election for the sale of a home and a capital gain forgiveness. I propose increasing that amount to $200,000 and it could be taken for any assets over a period of years.. Lastly, it should be transferrable to any party that the owner of that exemption wishes to sell it to for a minimum amount of $15,000.

Balancing the Budget

... I offer a proposal: A constitutional amendment providing that if the Congress is in any given year unable to offer a balanced budget, the President will under those circumstances, have a line item veto over any expenditure or tax cut to the extent necessary to bring the budget into balance.

Wage Stagnation

... The largest growth of the middle class in this country occured during the late forties and fifties under a system of progressive graduated income tax, not regressive taxes such as sales taxes. I am against any further flattening of the tax curves.

Tax increases

We do not need any tax increases,and I will vote against any tax increase except a tobacco tax for the sole purpose of paying for national health insurance.

Health Insurance

100,000 Americans loose their health insurance every month. We must have a national health insurance program.

Family Values

Each of us must take what the republicans call personal responsibility seriously. But let us not use that catch phrase as an excuse for ignoring community responsibility. We have a national responsibility for the sick and aged. We will fight for Medicare. We will not let the radical Republicans destroy it. We will fight for education of all our children. ...

Civil Rights

The history of this nation is a struggle for the recognition of the equal dignity of creed, race and sex of all citizens, and it is the one underlying thread of all our history from the puritan pilgrims and the Quakers to the African Americans, to the European immigrants and Native Americans. There is no issue as important to our nation as the respect and dignity of all people. As democrats, we have the honor in the late twentieth century of carrying this standard into the arena of political battle. We must carry that standard proudly and without faltering.

Women's Rights

I am pro-choice, and a woman's reproductive choices are between her and God. I will vote against any proposal that abridges the right to abortion.

School Prayer

I am against the establishment of of any organized prayer in schools because it is the nothing less than the establishment of religion.


I am a tree higging envrionmentalist. I support a strong EPA, the renewal of the Clean Water and Air acts, and was once an intern for the Sierra Club's legislative office in Sacramento in the early 1980s.

The Purpose of our Government

Our government was founded for specific reasons, and I quote the Constitution:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and to our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Our opponents wish to divide us and subvert our noble government for the sole purpose of making money, when the purpose is far broader than such base motives. Will you join with other Democrats and reach out to concerned voters in the coming months to start anew? During our primaries, will we come together and hone our ideas and our ferver against the hard-heartedness of the well financed radicals destroying our efforts of the past 60 years

Too many of our brothers, fathers and sons have died for our democracy for us to ignore the right to vote that they bave their very lives for. To many of our mothers, sisters, and daughters have struggled over two hundred years for the right to bear equal responsiblility for us to leave our neighbors quietly this election year. Once more we are called by God and conscience to shoulder the responsibility of participating fully in democracy. Organize, proselytize and vote.

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