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Tenth CD Democratic Leadership Conference Fundraiser

February 23, 1996


Congressman George Miller

The Honorable Seventh District Congressman George Miller addressed a fundraiser for the Tenth Congressional District Leadership Conference, publisher of "Eye on the Tenth". The key point of his address was that the Republican polsters and leadership have been suprised by the public's awareness of and negative reaction to the anti-enviornmental and other actions of the Republican Congressional majority. He also pointed out that the rise of radicals such as Pat Buchanan is from a foundation built on the election of radical Congressional Republicans such as Bill Baker.


Ellen, George, and Mary

Tenth Congressional District Candidate Ellen Tauscher, Congressman Miller, and Walnut Creek Democratic Club President Emeritus, Mary Harlan.

Ellen also addressed the meeting, thanking all present for their support and pledging a maximum effort to unseat the incumbant.

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