Fall Election Results

Top News Items - Victories and Clifhangers

President Clinton and Vice President Gore not only victorious as expected, but also in our central Contra Costa races:

Democrat Ellen Tauscher boots radical right congressman Bill Baker back to Danville in a closely watched tenth district race with a small but decisive margin of victory. The defeat of a sitting two term congressman in this prosperous suburban district is considered a major upset by some, but those who know his record are not so surprised. Click here for a comparison of the candidates.

Democrat Jeff Smith's initial slim lead over cryptoconservative Republican Richard Raney was reversed in the final count. The deficit is about one vote per precinct - so every effort to get out votes for democrats really counts. A partial recount failed to establish the possibility of a different result, so this result is now final.

Democrat Gail Murray was holding an extremely narrow lead over Bill Baker's protege Lynn Leach (20 votes out of 166,825 counted for this office) in California Assembly District 15 when later additions to the count put her substantially behind. For a report and pictures of a Gail Murray for Assembly campaign event, click here


Orange county archconservative Curt Pringle was driven out of the State Assembly Speakership by the election of Democrats to Assembly. This will have a significant effect on the kind of legislation produced by this body.

Democrats retain control of California State Senate.

Republican Congressman Bob Dornan ("B1 Bob") was edged out of his Orange County district by a Latina Democrat, reflecting both substantial demographic changes and a Latino backlash against California Governor Pete Wilson's effort to gain the votes of older male Democratic voters ("Angry White Men") at the expense of legal immigrants and native born Latino citizens through attacks on affirmative action and social welfare programs.

These impressive results for Democrats are due to a coordinated campaign effort with people walking precincts, talking to neighbors and getting out the vote. The closeness of these races shows that even one vote in a precinct does count. These results include the votes Republicans and independants in the district for our candidates. Some of these races included minor party candidates that had effects yet to be determined. In the coming months we will be bringing forward some new proposals for grass roots democracy that will be fueled by your efforts. Our next major test will be in contests for the U. S. House, Senate and California Governor and Assembly seats in 1998. This will require that we continue our efforts through participation in the spring and fall elections of 1997. Join us!

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