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From the WCDC Newsletter Hot Rhetoric Department:

Leonard G. Barton, Ed.

California Civil Rights Initiative - an opportunity for Democrats?

Republicans will be backing the the (so called) CCRI, which will wipe out affirmative action. This is a "wedge" issue, with which they will attempt to split off traditional Democratic support among white male working class voters. This will not only affect racial minorities, it is an effort to undo progress in equitable employment and education for women. This is expected to qualify for the 1996 primary election. A large number of people will have a lot to lose if this passes. Many of those with the most to lose are the same people who tend to not vote regulary (especially in primaries) or are not registered and would also be likely to register as democrats. If we can inform and motivate we may be able to substantially increase not only our registration, but our voting numbers, to the future detriment of our current congressional (un)representative, Mr. Bill Baker.

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