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5 cool movies that show the farce Democratic politics


Democracy is the great rhetorical illusion of our day. Borges was just a superstition and the French novelist Louis-Ferdinand Céline vote was a sophisticated way to keep workers happy (voluntary slaves) without influencing power. On the other hand history he tells us that democracy was part of the brightest lights of civilization flourishing in the golden age of reason in Athens under Pericles (an opposite light to the spartan vision of military control). Maybe things have changed, maybe the story is another illusion.

We share here a list of 5 scenes, based on this list with some added, showing comically or with a scathing insight how democracy exists in our society, where politics particularly in the United inseparable from marketing States, public relations and manipulation of opinion. These scenes show a lineage of political sleight of past eras; you are able to see full movies on the site of movie25


In the film Election , 1999, director Alexander Payne shows a school choice as a microcosm of what happens nationally. A teacher (Matthew Broderick’s character) before the irritating presence of a student (Reese Witherspoon) decides to alter the vote count. United States live two elections in 2000 and 2004 in which there is reasonable doubt about the integrity of voting, you can easily find this movie on Movie4k


In the 1972 film  The Candidate , Robert Redford plays a young prospect who wins the Senate inadvertently, almost as if it were a game. The film ends with the question “What now?” Suggesting that really the only important thing was to get elected and then we really do not care what you do.

In the classic 1976 multiawarded The Network we get a glimpse of the influence of media and corporate power, which often goes beyond the political power they have. In this scene we see how democracy is an illusion; what exists is the corporatocracy and the opinions of the market. The TV station that appears in this film as a superpower can be extrapolated to dozens of nations.

This scene of Black Sheep  shows the character of comedian Chris Farley, the brother of a gubernatorial candidate, an election confuse the public with the audience of MTV: Rock The Vote .An example of this part style Jackass that exists in the media and American politics.

In Wag the Dog (1997), a political operator and a Hollywood producer join forces to create a fake war in a vague place in the Balkans that nobody in America knows (also revealing the geocentric ignorance of many citizens of this country) so that the president can be elected. The scene shows, in terms of sham exposed by Baudrillard, how the reality of something is given on television: if we see on TV is that it is real; if not, then not exist.


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