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Contra Costa County is one of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties . The central portion is east of the bay's eastern hills and west of the Diablo range, extending from San Pablo bay in the north to highway 580 in the south near Dublin.

"Contra Costa" is Spanish for "opposite coast" (when viewed across the bay from San Francisco). Much of what was seen of Contra Costa from San Francisco in the Spanish colonial (1776-1821) and Mexican provincial (1821-1846) periods is now within the county of Alameda. While the cities of Richmond and Kensington remain with views of San Francisco bay, and the county seat, Martinez, lies on the Sacramento River, the bulk of the county is inland, over the hills seen from San Francisco and extends east to the San Juaquin river and south to the vicinity of interstate highway 580 in the Livermore valley.

NEW POST: The head of Gynecology of the Regional Organization Dimmit resigned due to lack of personnel, the second resignation in 3 years

Three years. That is what Ana Belén Espejo has been at the head of the Gynecology area of the Regional Hospital. Yesterday he resigned. The Medical Union blamed its decision on the lack of personnel. This organization said that it has had to manage the specialty with five gynecologists less even than when I take over. Its resignation is the second one that takes place from 2013 since its predecessor, Ernesto González Mesa, left the charge by the discrepancies with the organization of the Unit of Mama.

Since the crisis began in 2008, the area has lost nearly a third of its specialists because most of the retirements have not been covered and because some of the contracted gynecologists have gone to private health where they offered better conditions. “When there is a retirement, the post is amortized or patched with partial contracts, the result is that there are fewer professionals and waiting lists increase,” protested a doctor.

The hospital confirmed the resignation, although he added that the management will hold a meeting with Espejo “in the next few days”.

The trade union organization said that many intermediate positions in the SAS “are trying to manage their areas with very reduced staff” and that in this case had “considerably fewer professionals than it had in 2013, when it took over.” The union reiterated that not only do not replenish the pensions, but also do not substitute maternity leave, lactation permits or reductions in working hours by legal guardianship. In addition, he reported that during the summer a gynecologist was cut in ER.

Lack of personnel, according to the union, adds that the material is “obsolete and deteriorated.” In fact, it specifies that there are 22 “old” echographs of which only three have been replaced. In June 2014, fifty maternal gynecologists asked for the renewal of this material because they warned that they were so old that they were not reliable to make a diagnosis of fetal malformations. “We want to denounce that this situation has caused such resignation,” said the union, which warned of “growing deterioration in care and great difficulty in managing the service.”

One professional complained about the lack of means denounced by the trade union organization: “There are operations that are suspended because there are no operating rooms or because there are no nurses, and while waiting lists grow and continue to grow even if politicians say no.”

The balance of the management of Espejo divided the professionals yesterday. “He has had good will, but they have not given him the means,” one maintained. “It leaves everything upside down,” said another. But beyond these discrepancies, the doctors agreed on the decline in attention. “If the retirements and the casualties are not covered, the hospital is down to the detriment of the patients, the attendance has worsened, it has fallen into a dive, we are all burned,” said a gynecologist. During these three years, professionals have reported delays of “up to seven months” in diagnosis and postponement of appointments. Already in a writing written two years ago they confessed “none, defrauded and unmotivated.”

NEW POST: Ways to Make Money Online Publication

How Many Articles Are There About Making Money Online? Thousands? Millions? Enough? Probably. But there’s a problem. Many of them are just selling points to convince you to sign up for a seminar, seminar, training session or some other way to become an online millionaire.

They really give money online making a bad name. However, it is possible to earn money online. I mean, the people who sell all those millionaire releases are making money, right?

There are legitimate ways to make money online. The problem is that the real ways to make money are not “get rich quick”.

Most of them require a lot of work and sometimes a lot of dedication before you see a return of your time. But if you really want to surveys for money online, work from home or turn an idea into a business, you can do it. You can even earn money with apps if you do not want to venture all the way to the computer.

I’m going to talk to you about all kinds of legitimate ways to make money online. Since we’re talking about legitimate jobs, you have to be … well, legitimate. Many of these options are real jobs that require you to make hours if you want to get paid. They also require real work. Here are some tips to get the job done:

Take it seriously. Yes, you are applying for a job online. Yes, you can do the work on your underwear, but that does not mean it is not a “real job”. You should treat it as such or you will not treat it as a serious candidate. You are not the only one who wants to work on your underwear. In fact, online competition is probably larger than it is in your local area.
To be professional. When sending a resume, do not write it in capital letters and please do not avoid blocking like the plague. Know how to use without looking incompetent. Write in complete sentences with correct grammar. Of course, there will be exceptions, but even with the exceptions, you should keep it professional. You are building your vision of yourself.
Give some, but not all. Whether you are providing handwriting samples, a portfolio of photographs or links to your work, they give you enough examples to get an idea, but not so many that you do not even know where to start. And since we’re on the subject, give them some background information, but do not tell them your life story.
Double check yourself, before you double destroy yourself. Make sure that everything you send to a company, be it a resume, an email or a wallet, which is good to go. Check for grammar and writing, and for use for the sake of God’s orthographic correction! This is especially important when it comes to company name. Do not spell your wrong name and be sure to write it down the way they are typed (eg Problogger, not Pro Blogger). A portfolio of photographs or links to their work, give them enough examples to get an idea, but not so many that they do not even know where to start. And since we’re on the subject, give them some background information, but do not tell them your life story. Double check yourself, before you double destroy yourself. Make sure that everything you send to a company, be it a resume, an email or a wallet, which is good to go. Check for grammar and writing, and for use for the sake of God’s orthographic correction! This is especially important when it comes to company name. Do not spell your wrong name and be sure to write it down the way they are typed (eg Problogger, not Pro Blogger). A portfolio of photographs or links to their work, give them enough examples to get an idea, but not so many that they do not even know where to start. And since we’re on the subject, give them some background information, but do not tell them your life story. Double check yourself, before you double destroy yourself. Make sure that everything you send to a company, be it a resume, an email or a wallet, is good to go. Check for grammar and writing, and for use for the sake of God’s orthographic correction! This is especially important when it comes to company name. Do not spell your wrong name and be sure to write it down the way they are typed (eg Problogger, not Pro Blogger). But not so many that they do not even know where to start. And since we’re on the subject, give them some background information, but do not tell them your life story. Double check yourself, before you double destroy yourself. Make sure that everything you send to a company, be it a resume, an email or a wallet, which is good to go. Check for grammar and writing, and for use for the sake of God’s orthographic correction! This is especially important when it comes to company name. Do not spell your wrong name and be sure to write it down the way they are typed (eg Problogger, not Pro Blogger). But not so many that they do not even know where to start. And since we’re on the subject, give them some background information, but do not tell them your life story. Double check yourself, before you double destroy yourself. Make sure that everything you send to a company, be it a resume, an email or a wallet, is good to go. Check for grammar and writing, and for use for the sake of God’s orthographic correction! This is especially important when it comes to company name. Do not spell your wrong name and be sure to write it down the way they are typed (eg Problogger, not Pro Blogger). Double check yourself, before you double destroy yourself. Make sure that everything you send to a company, be it a resume, an email or a wallet, which is good to go. Check for grammar and writing, and for use for the sake of God’s orthographic correction! This is especially important when it comes to company name. Do not spell your wrong name and be sure to write it down the way they are typed (eg Problogger, not Pro Blogger). Double check yourself, before you double destroy yourself. Make sure that everything you send to a company, be it a resume, an email or a wallet, which is good to go. Check for grammar and writing, and for use for the sake of God’s orthographic correction! This is especially important when it comes to company name. Do not spell your wrong name and be sure to write it down the way they are typed (eg Problogger, not Pro Blogger). This is especially important when it comes to company name. Do not spell your wrong name and be sure to write it down the way they are typed (eg Problogger, not Pro Blogger). This is especially important when it comes to company name. Do not spell your wrong name and be sure to write it down the way they are typed (eg Problogger, not Pro Blogger).

Companies Finally, there are some companies that hire to work from the comfort of their own home. If you are interested in working for someone else, while making your own schedule and deciding where to work, here are some companies that will allow you to do just that:

Crowdsource – Crowdsource offers many types of jobs from “Microtask” jobs to great writing and editing jobs. You decide how much you work and you can do most of it right on your computer.
Demand Studies – Demand studies is the hiring of all types of creative professionals, from writer to filmmakers. The pay is not surprising, but it is competitive for a work at home job.
Quick Graph – Quick Graph allows you to work from home as a medical transcriptionist. There are some requirements and titles listed on the page, but if you meet with them, they will make a competitive salary for the industry. You will also be able to set your own schedule as it will work from home.
Jump Strength – Jump strength is one way Google ranks websites for search engine ranking. If you are hired, you earn decent money (usually more than $ 11 / hour), you set your own hours and can be great fun to watch and rank websites.
LiveOps – LiveOps is a call center that allows you to work from home. Once you start up to take the calls, you can start doing a weekly schedule and work from home. The pay is usually about $ 10 / hour, but you can earn more with commissions.
SpeakWrite – SpeakWrite will pay you up to $ 15 / hour to transcribe the information. You set your own schedule and work from home.
Now you have many different options to start earning online. If you saw something that really interests you, try it out and learn more about it. If you are really looking forward to making a full time income online, you need to be dedicated to learning how to do what you want to do. There are lots of free resources out there. You just have to search for them!

NEW POST: Water Softener Shower Head Ratings 2016

Hard water becomes a reason for a variety of negative effects at home, bath and shower in hard water is one of the main. Living in large cities, water quality may not be as optimal. Hard water leaves dry skin and dull hair and feels heavy. In such cases, a water softener showerhead can help. It may seem unnecessary, but the results are worth it. To help you find the best shower head ratings we have compiled a list of the best rated products . Below the chart you can also read the best reviews of shower filter for each of these superior products.

The installation of water softener shower heads is usually very simple. The device typically consists of a small filter tank, the shower head, and a component for attaching to the shower valve. In most cases, the installation does not require any professional help.

As with any water softening system and filtration a little maintenance is required. However, you do not need to deal with salt or potassium pills. Just replace the filter usually every 6 months.

Luxury Aquasana AQ-4100 Water Filter Shower System with Adjustable Head

Customer rating 4.1

Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.2 x 3.2

WaterChef® SF-7C premium shower filter system

Customer rating 4.1

6 month filter: Capacity

Dimensions: 3.5 x 12 x 12

Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Wall Mount

Culligan WSH-C125 is one of the best shower filters. It is an economical unit that has received many positive reviews of showerhead showerhead filter by its users. The patented filter of this Culligan can remove up to 99% of chlorine. In addition, the showerhead reduces the amount of scale to keep the skin and scalp more nourished and moisturized.

This water shower head offers not only clean, but also comes equipped with five spray settings that can be chosen according to your mood. You can set it up for a full body spray for maximum water coverage or simply an invigorating boost that provides soothing massage for muscles.

The installation can be done in minutes and requires only the Teflon tape that comes included with the showerhead. Without additional tools just wrap the tape around your shower arm and then place the shower head and it’s ready for use.

The filter can last up to 6 months or up to 10,000 gallons.

Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Hydromassage Shower

Rainshow’r has been in the shower filter industry for a long time and CQ-1000MS shower filter is one of the best products. The installation of this unit is also easy and can be without additional tools. This shower head is designed for more capacity. The showerhead shower filter can last up to 15,000-20,000 liters of water consumption or if you have a family of four, the filter could last around 6 to 9 months. Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS will eliminate up to 90% chlorine. The KDF filter is NSF certified, it works by changing chlorine into a harmless compound.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Water Shower Filter with Adjustable Head

Aquasana AQ-4100 is slightly more expensive than the two previous models, but it is also one of the highest quality shower filters. It is the best aquasana shower filter. Unlike many other water softener showerhead systems, this aquasana features a two-stage filter system that helps eliminate 91% chlorine as well as many other harmful chemicals. The replacement of the filter will also have to be carried out twice a year. You can also read other reviews shower water filter from aquasana brand here.

Jonathan Shower Purification System beauty product Water

Jonathan beauty shower head shower water purifier is also equipped with a 2-stage filter system. The filter in this shower head changes contaminated tap water into a balanced pH water. Your shower water going through the two filters loses toxic heavy metals and synthetic chemicals, delivering pure water that will make your hair and skin smoother. The heavy metals removed from the system water replaces them with healthy potassium ions resulting in a balanced pH.

Level Culligan ISH-100 2 Inline Shower Filter

Culligan ISH-100 is also one of the best shower head filters. This unit, unlike WSH-C125, does not include the showerhead. The filter is designed to remove chlorine. Scale and sulfur odor that provides smoother and cleaner hair and skin. The filter capacity is 10,000 gallons of water usage and should last about 6 months. The installation is similar to the previous Culligan model, using Teflon tape included.

Aquasana AQ-4105 Hand Shower Filter System with Hand Wand

The last shower filter review on this list is from Aquasana AQ-4105 which uses the same 2 stage process as in the earlier Aquasana model we mentioned. This filter system uses a carbon shell oxidation copper and zinc coconut combination. These two processes help reduce chlorine by 91%. In addition, reduce and eliminate synthetic chemicals and pH balance. The filters last for the average of 6 months before needing a replacement.

The bottom line

Showering with hard water leaves the skin and the feeling of dry hair. Using water that has reduced chlorine as well as other water pollutants will make your skin healthy and hair. In this article we have provided the best models with the critical water softener shower head, and we hope that the information we have provided in our comparison shower filter was helpful to you. These are the most valued and best-selling shower filters in 2016. To prevent the effects of hard water on the skin, as well as on home appliances, it is also useful to have a water softener that will provide softened water for the Whole house water supply.

NEW POST: Advice on education and dog training

Today we are going to comment some guidelines in the education and the training of our puppies

For a perfect development. We all know that when they are small the education and the first norms are fundamental because they will determine their future personality.

The most important thing in the whole process will be to achieve a perfect synchrony between the affection and the training so as not to be “very hard” or “very soft”. This we achieve with the right balance between affection and discipline through a process of education adapted to the circumstances of each family. The purpose will be to end training both the owner and the dog to get a good quality of life and also, be socially fit.

Education is fundamental because it develops the emotional well-being of the dog. The rules of behavior at home, Learning to control their sphincters , moments for the game, their intimate space, rules of behavior during the ride, traveling by car … They are all things that we must teach you and that you should learn from a puppy.  The basis of education in this stage is fundamental for its correct emotional and physical development.
On the other hand and given that nobody is born learned, an educational plan must be developed. At first it is normal that everything is affection, with hugs and pampering. But, also keep in mind that an excess of this can be harmful since the rules have to be put on the table from the first day. It’s not worth the “come on” for one night. Being a little demanding will not mean wanting less.

A puppy is started by educating for later training

. You never have to try to burn stages too fast as it can cause problems. The puppy needs from the first day of an intimate, own site, which gives him security . For that the educational cage or transporter is perfect.

Education before 4 months
Before the age of four months they must have seen and performed all the basic activities that they will initially do throughout their lives, since at the end of the four months the stage of socialization of customs is over . When at this stage the education is correct will be when it reaches the well-being.

Image 2

You have to instruct and instill concepts from the first day through the environment where you live and deal with people in your environment. This will enable you to develop all your intellectual abilities in the best way.
Training with a solid foundation in education starts at six or eight months. You can begin to harden at this stage mentally the dog, create a resistance to frustration, and it is not like a badly bred child that whenever something wants to be given . The owner is always the one who decides, thus generating a better link between human and dog. Continue reading more dog index here


Did you know that the first coffee year data as we now see in bars? And why they were invented? And why coffee prepared with these machines makes a cream that we do not get at home with an Italian coffee lifetime?

All these questions and many more are resolved in the magnificent article published by the online publication of the US Smithsonian Instituo (if you see the “Bones” series, for sure you the name sounds 😉)

Article delve into people and inventions that hiceron possible to reach the current espresso machine, we can see in bars and cafes around the world.
How the original article is in English, I have allowed the audacity to translate it into Spanish for the enjoyment of us all.

Original article (English)
The Long History of the Espresso Machine
Design Decoded,

Each issue we address in Design Decoded is explored through a series of interrelated chapters, we hope, provide a new point of view to see the things around us in everyday life. This is the second installment in a series on the centuries-old concoction, which can cause jump out of bed or fuel a revolution. , A cafeteria, drip, mud, juice the idea, whatever it ‘s called, coffee with any other name Java, Joe still has such a bitter taste. Or not? In our continued effort to unlock the forms design factors in the world around us, Design Decoded is studying all the keys of coffee. Read Part 1 in the reinvention of the cafeteria .

For many coffee drinkers, coffee espresso stands. It is the purest distillation of the coffee bean, the literal essence of a grain. In another sense, it is also the first instant coffee. Before the concept espresso, brew a cup of coffee could take up to five minutes and five minutes. But what is espresso and how it came to dominate our morning routines?

Although many people are familiar with coffee these days thanks to the Starbucksification the world, there is often some confusion about what it really is – largely because of the “roasted coffees” available in supermarkets around the world. First, and most importantly, the espresso is not a method of roasting coffee. It is neither a grain nor a mixture. It is a method of preparation. More specifically, it is a preparation method in which a jet of hot and highly pressurized water passes ground coffee to produce a concentrated coffee beverage with a deep taste, sturdy. While there is no standardized process for preparing an espresso, the definition of the Italian company Illy looks as good as any other to explain:

A stream of hot water at 88 ° -93 ° C (190 ° -200 ° F) passes under a pressure of nine or more atmospheres through seven grams (0.25 ounces) cake-like ground layer and tamped coffee. If done correctly, the result is a concentration of no more than 30 ml (one ounce) of pure sensory pleasure.

For those of you who, like me, a few years not tread a science class, for nine atmospheres of pressure it is equivalent to nine times the normal amount of pressure exerted by Earth’s atmosphere. How can you deduce from the accuracy of the description of Illy, a good espresso is good chemical formula. It is accuracy and consistency, and find the perfect balance between grinding, temperature and pressure.Espresso happens at the molecular level. This is why the technology has been such an important part of the historical development of espresso and a key to the ongoing search for the perfect espresso. While espresso was never designed by itself, machines for preparing cappuccinos and lattes our have a history that goes back more than a century.

Moriondo patent for a coffee machine powered by steam (Image: Wikimedia commons)11

In the 19th century, coffee was big business in Europe, with cafés flourish across the continent. However, the preparation of coffee was a slow process and, as still happens today, customers often had to wait for his drink. Seeing an opportunity, the inventors across Europe began exploring ways to use the steam to reduce the processing time coffee – this was, after all, the era of steam.

But surely there were countless patents and prototypes, the invention of the machine and the method that gave way to the espresso is usually attributed to Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy, which obtained a patent in 1884 for the “new steam engine for economic manufacture and instant drink coffee. “it consisted of a machine of a boiler, which is heated up to 1.5 bar pressure, carrying water through a large bed of coffee beans on demand, with a second boiler steam empababa coffee bed and so completed the mix.Although the invention of Moriondo was the first coffee machine in use water and steam, it was something created exclusively for the General Exhibition of Turin. It is not known much more about Moriondo, due largely to what we would consider today as a failure of marketing. There was never any machines “Moriondo” no verifiable machines in existence, and there is not even photographs of his work.With the exception of his patent, Moriondo has been lost in history. The two men that would improve the design to produce espresso coffee Morinodo not make the same mistake.

Luigi Bezzera patent for a “coffee”. (Image: Google patents)11

Desiderio Pavoni and Luigi Bezzerra was the Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs of espresso. The artisan of Milan and “distilled spirits producer” Luigi Bezzera was the way to do it. He had invented the espresso machines under 100 dollars  in the early twentieth century while searching for a method to quickly prepare coffee in the cup.

He made numerous improvements to the machine Moriondo, introducing the filter holder, several heads to pour coffee, and many other innovations associated even today espresso machines today. In the original patent Bezzera, a large boiler and heating chambers was filled and heated until water and steam expelled through a disc tamping coffee. The mechanism by which hot water would also exerted radiator, lowering the water temperature of the boiler to an ideal to consume about 90 ° C. temperature and voila, espresso. For the first time, a cup of coffee pedia and served in seconds. But the invention of Bezzera was heated under an open flame, making it difficult to control the pressure and temperature, and virtually impossible to control a constant flow of hot water. Perseverance and consistency is the key in the world of espresso. Bezzera designed and built a few prototypes of this machine, but the resulting coffee was not very valued because he had no money to expand the business or marketing any idea to sell the machine. But if you meet someone who would. Here enters the story Desiderio Pavoni.

Espresso machine Bezzera in Milan 1906 (image: Bezerra)11

Pavoni bought the patent Bezerra in 1903 and improved some aspects of design. He had invented the first safety valve. This meant that the hot coffee was not scorch the barista at the time of making coffee, facilitating this process and earning the gratitude of baristas worldwide.
Pavoni also created the steam pipe, to directly access the steam generated in the boiler.
Bezzera and Pavoni jntos worked to perfect his machine, which Pavoni dubbed the “Ideale”. In the Milan Fair 1906, the two men showed the world the “espresso”.
Bezzera, although even could have built first Pavoni machines, was slowly disappearing from the scene (the end of the day he had bought the patent), while Pavoni continued worldwide selling their brand of machines “espresso” ( “Made in the heat of the moment “), which are commercially produced in his studio in Milan.

With its numerous innovations, Ideale marked an important step in the development of the first modern espresso. After the Milan Fair, like espresso coffee machines they began to appear throughout Italy, and the simple machine Bezerra evolved into an elaborate machine golden flourishes and ornaments taken as an aircraft from a novel by Jules Verne.

An espresso machine Ideale 1910

These first machines could eventually produce 1,000 cups of coffee per hour, but depended exclusively steam, which had the unfortunate side effect of transferring the coffee a burnt taste bitter, and could only get to generate two bar pressure very 9 bars currently considered a standard for the development of an espresso correctly still far from.

Victoria Arduino Poster (Image: Wikimedia commons)

A strong competitor was Pier Teresio Arduino Pavoni. Arduino was an inventor with the determination to find a method of preparing an espresso that did not depend exclusively steam. Even having conceived the incorporation of air pistons and valves in their machines, it was not able to realize their ideas.However, his major contributions to the history of espresso were otherwise. Arduino was businessman and a marketer far more than Pavoni. He elaborated a marketing strategy around the espresso, which directly included the graphic designer Leonetto Cappiello to create the famous poster that captured the essence of espresso and speed of the modern era. In the 20s, Arduino had a greater than Pavoni in Milan workshop and, as a result of their production capabilities and marketing expertise, was better prepared to export machines outside Milan and espresso expand to the rest of Europe.

Vintage machines Gaggia lever (image: Espresso machine classics)

The person who finally managed to pass the barrier of the 2 bar pressure was the owner of a cafe called Achille Gaggia Milan. Gaggia machines transformed the baroque inspired by Jules Verne, in a chrome lever machines taken from a spacecraft. In the Gaggia machine, invented after the Second World War, the pressurized steam pushing water inside a cylinder was pressurized harder piston by a lever operated by the barista. This not only made disappear the need for large boilers, but also drastically increased pressure from about 2 bar to 8-10 bar. Lever machines also standardized the size of espresso. The cylinder lever groups could only contain one ounce of water, limiting the volume that could be used to make coffee.

With lever machines also introduced a new lingo: baristas that powered machines Gaggia coined the term “serve a shot” (in English pulling a shot) of espresso. A historical anecdote says that the first consumers were reluctant to take the “junk” that floated over coffee until Gaggia began referring to it as “creamers”, suggesting that the coffee was of such quality that produced its own cream. With high pressure and golden cream, Gaggia lever machine marks the birth of contemporary espresso.

E61 espresso machine

But this is not nearly the end of the evolution of the machine. The next revolution in the espresso machine happened in the revolucionariosn 60s, when the piston Gaggia machine was surpassed by the Faema E61 invented by Ernesto Valente in 1961, the E61 introduced many innovations and world firsts espresso. Instead of using manual force barista, he used a motorized pump provided 9 bar pressure needed to serve an espresso. Pump water directly transferred through a pipe in a spiral inside the boiler before firing through the coffee. A heat exchanger always kept the water at the ideal temperature to serve coffee. With these technical innovations, small size, versatility and shiny stainless steel design, the E61 was an immediate success fairly and included in the pantheon of the most influential coffee machines in history.

Surely there are more steps along the way, but these developments mark the commercial history of espresso. For more than a century, the espresso machine has been dramatically improved, with electronics, computerized meters, and portable pneumatic systems. But as with the most important objects of design, science and technology are not enough. There is a part of art in the espresso. Barista talent is as important as the quality of grains and efficiency of the machine. “Macinaziones” the right ground grain, which ideally should be done just before serving the drink; “Miscela” blend coffee and toast, and “Hand”, the skill of the barista, because even with the best grain and the most advanced equipment, coffee depends on the touch and style barista.
When combined properly, these four “Emes” produce a drink that is both elegant bez round, with a light and sweet cream lingering over coffee.
A complex drink with a complex history.

NEW POST: How to clean a sofa

When you know how to clean a sofa perhaps most important is to know why it gets dirty and the causes of staining, thus avoid future stains and achieve a prevention that eventually we will save on cleaning time or money if we buy a new sofa.

Use daily sofa just leaving it dirty, stained upholstery, with hairs and food scraps etc. Leave the sofa as new requires a very thorough cleaning. In supermarkets sure you can see hundreds of specific products for cleaning a sofa. These products can be very expensive and the end result will not be what you expected. Nor do we recommend that the first exchange acudas to seek help from a professional cleaning because it could be very expensive too, for all that, we invite you to keep reading because you’re going to turn on how to properly clean a sofa without using expensive products and without damaging or spoiling the sofa upholstery.


1 – Vacuuming

Vacuum cleaners usually have an attachment which engages the tube and is specific to couch cleaning. With this accessory we can absorb dirt particles from upholstery, dust and other debris. This is certainly the first step before cleaning anything like we have to sweep a floor before mopping, vacuuming dirt need the sofa before cleaning with other products. We recommend vacuuming at least once a week and thoroughly clean the sofa once a month.


2 – Prepare a mixture of products.

There are many commercial products in specific market for sofas, for armchairs, for leather skins etc. These products are usually quite expensive and the results can sometimes be negligible. We advise you yourself prepare a homemade mixture will secure cheaper, without chemicals that harm the environment or health and to leave some very good results.

It is mix a cup of hot water with a splash of liquid soap without parabens, as we can use to cleanse your hands. Mix well with a whisk all so stay white frothy. With this liquid we get clean without fear intoxicated or damage the surface of the sofa.

3 – Apply the product.

To apply this liquid will use a clean sponge or very soft brush, because if we use other types of cloth can scratch and damage forever the couch. We get wet sponge in the liquid and apply it on the couch with circular movements, always from the top down to prevent drops or spills fall on the already cleaned area.

4 – Remove the foam

It is not good that there is foam on the couch, excess foam may discolor the upholstery to dry, so we recommend spending a plastic spatula and go collect excess foam. We can use a clean cloth dipped in cold water to rinse the rest of the surface of the sofa.

5 – Let dry.

Finally, we will let the sofa dry air, by opening windows or using fans pointing to the sofa, thus, in a few hours we will have dry.

Final Tips:

To maintain the cleanliness and last much longer, we recommend taking precautions when consuming food. Use a bowl to collect the crumbs, not to support food scraps on the upholstery, and if spilled some drink, clean and dry as soon as possible to prevent the stain stay permanently. Speed is vital to get a good result.

NEW POST: Politicians who have lost weight with the famous ABC Diet

The hussy were 15 kilos less and I-trau-Mo. One of the most sybaritic ladies of myCISEN and I had been to see us on the terrace for breakfast Meridiem of a pasture, and see #superguapasuperflacaysuperlacia said goodbye chilaquiles.

When ordering I figured she was just going to ask for a glass of water, but no, this lady # delascuatrodécadas took an envelope from his CH (stating that I speak of Carolina Herrera , are not going to believe that there are bags of the brand Calderon Hinojosa ) and asked the waiter to please you dissolve the powder in the envelope on a small plate with light milk. As I asked the source of #lospolvosmagicos, my friend told me the best kept secret to stop vomiting: ABC diet drops.

Installed in the role of Miss Nutrition, my spy told me with pears and apples that this is a treatment prescribed at the Center for Nutrition, Obesity and Metabolic Disorders of the ABC Hospital Observatory and consists of consultations with general practitioners, nutritionists , wiith Pastillas para perder Peso Rápido and psychologists which, through a long list of clinical studies determine the state of obesity and fat treatment as she should wear.

“You’re going to shit when I tell you what politicians are going to this diet,” said entusiasmadísima me while I thought why all my gossips, when I spend #superchisme, think #ashhhhh will suffer from fecal incontinence.

And because my informanta let go: “I have seen Ernesto Cordero (Minister of Finance); also to guapito this, called, called Poiré, Alejandro Poiré (Technical Secretary of the National Security Council); which has dropped canyon is Mony de Swaan (president of the Federal Telecommunications Commission) I think like me, around 15 kilos; Like I’ve seen Mario Delgado (Secretary of Education DF); I have not seen it but my husband says it also goes Alejandra Sota (coordinator of Social Communication of the Presidency) and already he looks up waist “.

NEW POST: Politicians and the “vice” of smoking, a bad combination

The Spanish Society of Pneumology has been reviewed lung health of our politicians: a quarter of smokers leaders, three out of ten are at risk of developing COPD and 40% still unaware that smoking is the leading cause of illness

Spanish parliamentarians at the door of the Congress of Deputies. This scene is most common

Political subjects the lungs of deputies and senators to a “high voltage.”Three out of ten of our leaders today are subject to fatigue levels, have an average age, have a smoking and other respiratory symptoms such suffering real risk suffering COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. It is one of the conclusions drawn from an analysis prepared by the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (Separ ), which has undergone “examination” medical respiratory 285 Spanish parliamentarians and has tested their knowledge in relation to the COPD. for bewilderment of many , though not let get away from standardized between the population levels, between 36% and 54% of our political representatives are unaware that there is a direct relationship between smoking and the prevalence of COPD.the pathology Its main factor causing the cigarette habit, so checked on the outskirts of political institutions such as the Congress of Deputies, online headshop, the Senate or the Assembly of Madrid, many current MPs have this bad habit. In fact, the study of Separ, is in the Madrid Assembly and the regional Parliament of Castilla-La Mancha where the tendency to “go out the door to take a cigarette” is observed: in Madrid, 47% of the Members are smokers ; in the Courts of Toledo, make 38% of parliamentarians.


60%, smokers or recent quitters

On average, Separ warns that more than a quarter of the leaders are smokers. Two thirds are part of the recent category “smokers or former smokers.” The House where most exposed to the effects of smoking is in Upper (in the Senate is “breathes” and suffers the effect of 40 packages per year leader, at least). So, the summary of the Separ is that more than 30% of parliamentarians have the propensity to lung disease , after subjecting them to a post-bronchodilator spirometry and examine the level of carbon monoxide to determine the exposure that had to smoke snuff in the last season, either actively or passively.

Separ also finds that the prevalence rates of COPD among senators, for example, conform to those of the general population: if in Spain 10.2% of the adult population between 40 and 80 years suffer from , among senators rate is 8.6%. However, it is worrying that e mong 49% and 69% of parliamentarians are unaware of what the acronym COPD, mean also ignore that there is a national strategy to prevent the disease. The Separ warning that the degree of knowledge of the disease is “low” among the leaders, “as it is between the Spanish general population , ” he stresses Dr. Joan B. Soriano , director of Epidemiology and Clinical Research Caubet Foundation -Cimera of the Balearic Islands. No less disturbing is, finally, that half of the leaders who have COPD are still undiagnosed (an indicator thatrises to 73% in the case of citizenship outside of Parliaments).

Meter pathology on the political agenda

With these data, Dr. Juan Ruiz Manzano , president of the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery, said that this initiative driven among politicians is one of the larger conducted to assess the health of our politicians, while “intended raise awareness of COPD among politicians to make them aware of the existence of this disease and its main risk factor is smoking . ” Scorning, when WHO warns that by 2030 it is expected that COPD is the third leading cause of death (currently causing 18,000 deaths a year in Spain), it would be a mistake. Political and social, so the principal investigators of the study , the Soriano doctors and Julio Ancochea, the Hospital La Princesa in Madrid, stressed that “raising the profile of the disease within the political agenda is a key strategy to disseminate and educate the rest of the population of the risks of developing COPD. ”

Finally, under the XLV National Congress held by SEPAR in Madrid, in this study called ConSePOC was presented, experts also expressed concern about the current situation because although they have driven restrictive measures against snuff and its aftermath, have found that they themselves have helped to reduce smoke exposure is in all environments , as in catering establishments, while negative figures “are still in the number of smokers, not low, but stabilizes in failed attempts to snuff cessation by smokers and exposure of children to smoke snuff in their homes “, explains the president of the Separ.

NEW POST: Invest in Mauritius: Mauritian Government tax

Invest in Mauritius: Mauritian tax

Taxation in force in Mauritius is quite mild: no wealth tax and a single rate for the IR, corporate tax and VAT of 15% and a total lack of social security contributions and taxes. However, when talking about investing abroad should watch the double taxation treatment modalities under bilateral double taxation conventions.

Consult your agreement to avoid double taxation on the Mauritian tax website

This agreement is particularly favorable to the French investor expects revenue from rental of real estate are not taxable in France. Similarly, assets located in Mauritius are not subject to wealth tax.

But be careful, if we sometimes evokes no inheritance tax in Mauritius it is important to clarify that there is no specific article in the treaty between France and Mauritius for the treatment of inheritance. Thus, if the heir is resident in France at the time of succession is French national law that will apply and will be taxed in respect of inheritance taxes in the same way as a French estate.


Living in Mauritius: how to get a residence permit?

As part of a tourist visa for 3 months renewable one time, a non-resident Mauritian can stay up to 6 months in Mauritius. To have the right to reside more than 6 months on Mauritius should be to obtain a residence permit that can apply in the 3 following cases:

– To acquire a property in Mauritius with a value of $ 500,000 as part of a program or IRS RES: under these conditions the investor buying an apartment or luxury villas mauritius may retain his residence permit as an it will retain ownership of the property. In case of purchase in groups, in their own name or through a company, one investor may receive a residence permit attached to good and valid also for the spouse of the investor and his children aged under 18.

– Create a company in Mauritius: To obtain a residence permit for an initial period of 3 years (the renewal is valid for a period of 10 years) depending on the industry will need to invest at least $ 30,000 or $ 100,000 in professional activity, obtain all the authorizations of the sector, justify a minimum annual business turnover, etc. This residence permit is valid for the investor, their spouse and their minor children.

– Retire in Mauritius: it is sufficient for it to prove to the minimum Mauritian authorities levied an income out of Mauritius $ 40,000 per year who will be repatriated to a bank account in Mauritius.The residence permit is valid for a period of 3 years and after that the foreign retiree period may obtain a permanent residence permit.


Our advice in terms of product choice

Property investment in Mauritius requires a thorough examination of program quality, financial guarantees promoter and inking in the Mauritian economy. In fact, many programs never see the commercialization of fault date, funding or authorization. Only a knowledge of the area allows to unearth the real holders of programs added value for future buyers.

NEW POST: #TopTen: The essential films of democracy

Argentine film growth was strongest since 1995, with the Film Development Act.

Keys. "Aura" was the great role of Ricardo Darin and a remarkable fantasy about desire and violence.

Keys. “Aura” was the great role of Ricardo Darin and a remarkable fantasy about desire and violence.

In any list of “top ten” always miss something. In the case of Argentine cinema, most of those “best films” came after 1995, when the Film Development Act and the system of subsidies and loans are sanctioned allowed to grow the industry. A fact that was combined with the move to the action of the first graduates of film schools. When choosing, I appealed to three criteria: the individual taste; the weight of film inside and outside the film; and the search for the universal from the local. It is not seeking to avoid the discussion but, on the contrary, open. You can easily find these films on Movie25

1. The paths of Saturn, Hugo Santiago (1985).

It had been over 20 years since the extraordinary invasion, Santiago lived (lives) and filmed in Paris and wheel this story referred to the Argentina dictatorship, but it will in other ways: the adventure, the fantastic, that of the aesthetic reflection. Rodolfo Mederos plays a musician who returns to Aquileia expired from his European exile. Santiago told the Argentina of then with the right distance, in search of human and universal sense of tragedy, with the precise scalpel fiction.

2. Exile of Gardel, Fernando Solanas (1985).

The other side of the same coin: Solanas lived and filmed as Santiago, in Paris.But if Santiago raised the underground permanence of evil, Solanas was betting hope. Which, curiously, went to pay off debts with the past and bet on the future, the brash, joy comedy from the grotesque to the musical (who could not feel the Spring Alfonsin had no face pure light of Gabriela Toscano ?).

3. A Place in the World, Adolfo Aristarain (1992)

Aristarain, one of the few Argentine filmmakers of his generation who understood perfectly that Hollywood was much more than an ideological advanced tools used to narrate the classic western Argentine epic space and its possibilities. “A place …” is, before a film “about Argentina,” a love letter to cinema as the universal language that makes local, by the mere fact of registering simple.

4. Gatica, the Monkey, Leonardo Favio (1993)

Favio made the great film about the meaning of Peronism, a pure metaphor and show. Everything is outrageous, gigantic, a remarkable and full ambition. Master of lateral traveling, to tell the characters through pure action, Favio made a film at the same time wild and accurate. It transformed into a huge circus underground Argentina, hidden, pure punch.

5. World crane, Pablo Trapero (1999)

There was a new film: Trapero, in black and white, tells the story of a man who loses his job. But not only that narrates the real consequences of menemista savagery, with images at the same time everyday and fantastic. Like a science fiction film where an invisible presence has corroded busy and all, “Crane World” far exceeds its misshapen machines, their Patagonian deserts, his impoverished suburbs.

6. Freedom, Lisandro Alonso (2001)

A mystery, or film as a mystery: A woodcutter in the forest, alone with his dog. We see it work, live, briefly traveling to a village, catch a mule, eat, dream. Nothing more, but nothing less: Alonso transforms such trivial gestures in response to the meaning of “freedom” declares the title. Everything remains on hold and play without being look like a documentary. The best film democracy: an interest in him and that.

7. The aura, Fabian Bielinsky (2005)

Argentine cinema lost, with Bielinsky, a teacher. After “Nine Queens”, an extraordinary police on the city as a moral place, “Aura” represented the almost dreamlike translation of what is hidden behind the mask of mediocrity suspense.It is not just the great role of Ricardo Darin, but a remarkable fantasy about desire and violence.

8. The Headless Woman, by Lucrecia Martel (2008)

Perhaps the best film about the consequences of the military dictatorship, without ever naming it. A woman may or may not have accidentally killed a boy.strange forces, voices half, a network of powers that manifest themselves laterally conspire to hide the possible crime. Authentic horror film (a genre that loves Martel), states with unbearable tension, basically, nothing much has changed.

9. Extraordinary Stories of Mariano Llinás (2008)

The bright, comic, emotional, adventurous, generous film that has given the Argentine cinema in the last three decades. Many stories with literary airs playing Borges, Kipling, Tintin, Hitchcock, Jane Austen, Mark Twain. There are rivers, crazy architects, assassinations, spectacular robberies, explosions, a great story of love, music, tanks, lions. And a lot mood: A shuffle and deal again, that seems to say enough to mourn the dark: it is time to come to light. The province of Buenos Aires never looked more beautiful.

10. The student, Santiago Mitre (2011)

The only, real, Argentina political film. The context is the university militancy, allowing circumvent the names of political parties and strict references to this portrait of a man who learns how to get and manage power (that’s what should be the real political cinema) have universal validity. Scarface at UBA, and an accurate portrait, while a decade too declaimed.

NEW POST: 5 cool movies that show the farce Democratic politics


Democracy is the great rhetorical illusion of our day. Borges was just a superstition and the French novelist Louis-Ferdinand Céline vote was a sophisticated way to keep workers happy (voluntary slaves) without influencing power. On the other hand history he tells us that democracy was part of the brightest lights of civilization flourishing in the golden age of reason in Athens under Pericles (an opposite light to the spartan vision of military control). Maybe things have changed, maybe the story is another illusion.

We share here a list of 5 scenes, based on this list with some added, showing comically or with a scathing insight how democracy exists in our society, where politics particularly in the United inseparable from marketing States, public relations and manipulation of opinion. These scenes show a lineage of political sleight of past eras; you are able to see full movies on the site of movie25


In the film Election , 1999, director Alexander Payne shows a school choice as a microcosm of what happens nationally. A teacher (Matthew Broderick’s character) before the irritating presence of a student (Reese Witherspoon) decides to alter the vote count. United States live two elections in 2000 and 2004 in which there is reasonable doubt about the integrity of voting, you can easily find this movie on Movie4k


In the 1972 film  The Candidate , Robert Redford plays a young prospect who wins the Senate inadvertently, almost as if it were a game. The film ends with the question “What now?” Suggesting that really the only important thing was to get elected and then we really do not care what you do.

In the classic 1976 multiawarded The Network we get a glimpse of the influence of media and corporate power, which often goes beyond the political power they have. In this scene we see how democracy is an illusion; what exists is the corporatocracy and the opinions of the market. The TV station that appears in this film as a superpower can be extrapolated to dozens of nations.

This scene of Black Sheep  shows the character of comedian Chris Farley, the brother of a gubernatorial candidate, an election confuse the public with the audience of MTV: Rock The Vote .An example of this part style Jackass that exists in the media and American politics.

In Wag the Dog (1997), a political operator and a Hollywood producer join forces to create a fake war in a vague place in the Balkans that nobody in America knows (also revealing the geocentric ignorance of many citizens of this country) so that the president can be elected. The scene shows, in terms of sham exposed by Baudrillard, how the reality of something is given on television: if we see on TV is that it is real; if not, then not exist.

NEW POST: Causes of tooth pain when walking

Toothache is often present in the form of a constant vibration or dull pain. There are many causes of tooth pain and toothache, and not all of them are related to dental problems. If you are experiencing tooth pain while walking, the underlying cause may be an infection in the mouth, sinus or ear canal.

Tooth pain is most commonly caused by tooth decay, which can affect both children and adults. Bacteria are always present in the mouth, and develop into starches and sugars in the foods you eat. Thriving bacteria form a slime known as plaque which coats the tooth surfaces. The acids are produced by the bacteria in plaque, which has the potential to eat through the enamel layer of the teeth. When it does, a cavity is formed. Cavities can cause severe pain in certain temperatures and types of food, and also general and dull throbbing pain.
The chordal

“According to Freedom Dental Melbourne, wisdom teeth develop later in life, and often remain under the gums for a significant portion of his life. If you are affected, or even partially affected, there is the potential for infection if food is trapped between the wisdom teeth and gums. An infection can cause inflammation of the gums and pain that spreads to other teeth, jawbone, ears and down her throat. This type of pain has the potential to be aggravated by walking or vigorous movements, which would explain in part by tooth pain when walking.”

Sinusitis is the technical term for a sinus infection, which infects the sinuses located above the upper molars. Because the roots of the upper molars may extend into the sinus cavities, they also may throb and hurt if the sinuses become inflamed. A toothache sinus infection is the official diagnosis for tooth pain during the presence of sinusitis.

The most common symptoms of sinusitis are nasal obstruction and congestion, yellow or greenish discharge from the nose, a decreased sense of smell and taste, and the pressure and pain around the eyes, nose, cheeks, forehead and upper jaw and teeth. Head and sinus pressure may be aggravated by walking and vigorous movements, which in turn could cause or increase tooth pain.

If you suspect your tooth pain is caused by sinusitis, contact your doctor to discuss treatment options. In most cases, a sinus toothache pain is clear when the sinus infection has been treated and resolved. If not, make an appointment with your dentist. He can see his teeth and look for other possible causes for tooth pain.
Ear infections Ear infections

, Also known as earaches, causing swelling, tenderness and pain in the ear canal and jaw, and the proximity of the teeth can cause ear infection also causes tooth ache and throb. Walking can shake the infected eardrum and canal, which in turn can worsen the symptoms of pain, including pain in the teeth.Ear infections usually the result of some kind of infection and treated with antibiotics. Clarification of ear infection usually goes away any dental pain associated.
When visiting the dentist

If your tooth pain does not go away after addressing related issues, or suddenly gets worse, you should consult your dentist immediately for the pink braces. Tooth pain can be a sign of problems with your teeth, gums, nerves or jaw, and if untreated, can worsen and cause complications.

NEW POST: The miracle of Mauritius Government

Suppose someone describe a small country that gives free education up to university level to all its citizens, school transportation for children and health care operations without including heart- cost for everyone. One might think that your country is incredibly rich or is on track to fiscal crisis.

After all, the rich countries of Europe realize increasingly that can not afford a college education and are asking young people and their families who bear the costs. For its part, the US has never tried to provide free university education for all and it took a bitter battle to ensure that poor Americans have access to health care, a guarantee that the Republican Party is now working to repeal the argument that the country can not afford it.

Like other emerging, Mauritius faces the loss of competitiveness of the exchange rate.

In the last decade, the archipelago has built a strong social network and a diversified economy

But Mauritius, a small island nation in the eastern coast of Africa, is not particularly rich nor addresses the budgetary ruin. However, in recent decades it has been dedicated to successfully build a diversified economy, a democratic political system and a strong social safety net. Many countries, including the United States, could learn from their experiences.

On a recent visit to this tropical archipelago of 1.3 million, I had the opportunity to see some of the progress made by Mauritius, achievements that may seem surprising in light of the debate that occurs in the United States and elsewhere. Consider home ownership. While American conservatives argue that the intent of his government to expand the proportion of homeowners 70% of the country’s population was what caused the financial crisis, 87% of Mauritians own their homes. No housing bubble.

Now a painful number: Mauritius’s GDP has been growing at more than 5% annually for nearly 30 years. Obviously there must be some trick. Mauritius must be rich in diamonds, oil or other valuable product. However, Mauritius has no exploitable natural resources. Indeed, when its independence from Britain, which came in 1968 approached, his future was so disappointing that the Nobel James Meade laureate economist wrote in 1961: “It will be a great achievement if you find productive employment for its population without a serious reduction of the level of life … the prospects of peaceful development are scarce. ”

As if to prove Meade wrong, the Mauritians have increased per capita income of less than $ 400 at the time of independence to more than $ 6,700 today. The country has gone from sugar monoculture to a diversified economy that includes tourism, finance, textiles and, if current plans are successful, high technology.

First, the question is not whether we can afford health care or education for all and ensure a greater proportion of homeowners to mauritius apartment. If Mauritius can, also be the United States and Europe, which are much richer. It is rather how to organize society. Mauritius has chosen a path that leads to higher levels of social cohesion, welfare and economic growth and a lower level of inequality.

Second, unlike many other small countries, Mauritius has decided that most military spending is a waste. America does not have to go that far: just a fraction of the money the country spends on weapons that do not work to fight enemies that do not exist greatly contribute to creating a more humane society, including the provision of health care and education those who can not afford them.

Third, Mauritius recognized that without natural resources, its people were its only asset. Perhaps that appreciation of human resources is also what led Mauritius to realize that, especially because of the potential religious, ethnic and political differences in the country, which some tried to use to induce him to remain as a British colony – universal education was essential for social unity. So was a strong commitment to democratic institutions and cooperation between workers, government and employers, the exact opposite of disagreements and divisions that currently grown conservatives in the United States.

This does not mean that Mauritius has no problems. Like many other emerging market countries that have been successful, Mauritius is facing a loss of competitiveness of the exchange rate. And as more and more countries intervene to weaken their exchange rates in response to US attempts to carry out a competitive devaluation through quantitative easing, the problem worsens. Mauritius is almost certainly also have to intervene.

Moreover, as is the case in many other countries, Mauritius is concerned about imported food and energy inflation. Respond to inflation by increasing interest rates simply exacerbate the difficulties represent higher with high unemployment rates and a type of even less competitive exchange rate. It will be necessary to consider direct interventions, restrictions on capital inflows of short-term, taxes on capital gains and stabilizing prudential banking regulations.

Mauritius Miracle dates to independence; however, the country still carries some of its colonial legacies: inequality in land and wealth and high vulnerability to global politics. The United States is one of the islands of Mauritius, Diego Garcia, as a naval base without compensation, as officially the lease to UK, who not only kept the island of Chagos, in breach of international law and the United Nations but expelled its citizens and refuses to allow them to return.

Now the United States should behave properly with this peaceful and democratic country: recognize the rightful ownership of Diego Garcia, renegotiate the lease and redeem the sins of the past through a fair payment for the territory they have occupied illegally for decades.

NEW POST: Democratic party affected accounting and veterinary medicine in one

Reruns were carried out only in the Faculty of science accounting and administrative. According to students the first attacks were carried out at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, but yet were not acudidos.

The Dean of the Faculty of science accounting and administrative, Edgardo Pineda Quispe, says that what happened the last four of June (student elections) in this House of studies, was one of the worst passages that has occurred in the National University of the Highlands (a – Puno), since the violence recorded in the afternoon has left extensive damage.

“It is not possible that students in vocational training have turned an electoral party in an act of vandalism and crime, damaging his own House of studies”, was the point of view of the main authority of this faculty.

According to Pineda, the economic losses estimated so far by the blight of crystals in their classrooms would be the 50 thousand nuevos soles, so questioned the actions of leaders, because that money could have been used for other matters.

So also, it was speculating looting in several faculties, including Cloud bookkeeper services and administration; However, this was denied by the Dean, “losses were only recorded by smashing glass, most not of looting or other elements”, added.


According to students who participated in this lawsuit that apart from the economic consequences, was wounded, all the mess began with the destruction of some crystals of the Faculty of veterinary medicine, what would have caused the reaction of the other party’s candidates.

“Were gathered every game with your group, clear at the beginning there were provocations, but not believed that this would more then was when some other party colleagues, hurt by the loss at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, began with the destruction of some glasses, then started when the conflict”, said a student who preferred not to identify for possible retaliation.

1. the Faculty in most affected was already answer for damages, as students threatened to suspend their academic work but you topped up the damages. 2. However, the authorities yet have identified those responsible for these regrettable events, which for Edgardo Pineda must be thoroughly investigated by the relevant authorities.

NEW POST: Why Cize?

cizePeople who wish to get in shape while having fun: If you can not do more squats,slots, pumps and cardiovascular exercises boring, then this program is for you. We will teach you the dance routines choreographed the most exciting to help you lose weight and achieve incredible shape while you live an incredibly exhilarating experience!And to tell, how many calories are burned using cize?? Training with high intensity interval can burn up to 160 calories in ten minutes for an individual of average weight. Perform intense cardio can burn 318 calories stable in 40 minutes for a 150-pound person. Recovery days can burn 255 calories in 50 minutes.

People who want to learn to dance: Tap your foot to the beat of the music you listen to?Do you sing sometimes to the tune of your favorite song?So, no doubt, you can learn to dance while putting you in shape, following Shaun T as it dissects each dance routine in simple,achievable steps.People with experience in the dance: Shaun T returns to its level of back- dancer root to create these dance classes. The choreography will challenge you, and you will learn new moves while you exercise!Recent training programs

Families: When you watch TV with your family, have you ever said, “I’d like to do that”seeing dancers in music videos or variety shows? It is now possible to do it – together! Jus tBeach body follow Shaun. It will teach you to you and your family, the moves you see on TV. In addition,you will dance on the most lively music originally recorded by artists such as Ariana Grande,Timbaland, Bruno Mars and more!

NEW POST: Pregnancy in politics, a debate that never stop

Susana Díaz, ya fuera de cuentas.

Susana Díaz, already out of accounts

The President of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, has been a mother for the first time this evening in the hospital of Seville Valme . Enough with it pressed Medical Center Gynecologist NYC maternity in policy debate to the table again. As happens every time.

Aware of the suspicions that still arouses a pregnancy when a public role of responsibility, one of the first things that made Susana Díazwas reassuring to voters, party and opposition colleagues. My pregnancy “will not affect at all the electoral calendar”, she said, because “I conciliaré normally, as do thousands of women”. A rationale that in no case would rule one of their male counterparts.

What do your maternity leave? How will you balance the Presidency of the Board with the care of the baby? They are issues arising in the case of politicians not but that the policies do them is often. As you do so, most likely it that Diaz receive criticism from some sector. At least this was the case on previous occasions.

The pregnancy of her party, Carme Chacón, roommate gave much to talk about. Became the first pregnant woman to be Minister. The first Minister of defence, also. He reviewed troops from Afghanistan with her seven-month-old baby in the gut. He had to travel to the country on a special medical team. It was April 19, 2008, when it produced that picture, described as ‘historical’. But the situation has not changed almost since then.

Chacon decided to share maternity leave with your partner down, an alternative in the law. Maternal permission consists of 16 weeks or 112 consecutive days. Of those 16 weeks, six are compulsory, which were those that enjoyed the then Minister. The other 10 are optional and transferable, in whole or in part, to the father. The Ministeralso opted to move to a floor of the Ministry of defence to live, to reconcile better work and personal life. Of course, it was criticized.

Harder still were the comments with the Vice-President of the Government Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, who had her baby three years after Chacón, in 2011. Just 10 days after giving birth, she returned to frontline. The criticisms came from the first moment. If it was not a good example of conciliation, which is prejudicial to the rights of women, etc. So much so that the Government – very reluctant then and now to provide information which is considered ‘private’ – went out to the passage to say that “the agenda of the Vice President was minimal” and she said that it was adapted to feeding schedules. “The shots must be given them; that is impepinable,”he said in an interview.

A problem that not only affects Spain

Rachida Dati, the French Minister of Justice in the Government ofSarkozy, joined the work just five days after having her son, by caesarean section. He admitted that he acted so “out of fear” to be “away” from his post. A decision that was not well view or by their own political peers, as the own Carme Chacón, who questioned this approach.

On the opposite side, to lay claim to the maternity leave and the right to conciliation were two parliamentary that called ‘ Euromadres‘. First it was the Danish Hanne Dahl, who came in 2010 to a plenary session of the European Parliament with her baby in her arms. Up to that moment was an unknown. From that day it became a symbol of the struggle to improve the reconciliation. “I had no choice but, my husband had to attend a meeting in Copenhagen. I took it because I had to vote”, he explained to

The maternal scene repeated it shortly after the Italian Licia Ronzulli, Member of the party people of freedom (PDL) of the then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. It was your baby and received the applause of his colleagues.

Meanwhile, they…

Among the politicians, there are few examples of conciliation. Perhaps the most striking was that of Tony Blair, who wanted to limit its activity for a time to devote to their children, an option that gave him more popularity and then would copy you the Prime Minister David Cameron.

NEW ITEM: A residential photovoltaic on-grid system in Contra Costa County. Online on March 5th, 1998 this is the first tracker mounted system in the County.

NEW ITEM: Hale-Bopp comet picture showing twin tails

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Includes pros and cons compared to solid state equipment and information on a typical 1960's mid range unit, the H.H. Scott model 299B.

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*NO RETREAT on affirmative action.
*FIGHT racism and immigrant bashing.
*SUPPORT medicaid/medicare.
*PROTECT abortion and reproductive rights.
*STOP all forms of violence against women.
*BAN Discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation.
*PROMOTE fair labor practices.
*END the war on poor people.

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Newt Gingrich Comes to Walnut Creek

A first person citizen account - very entertaining.

Mount Diablo Region Information Center

Mount Diablo.

One of the most spectacular natural sites in northern California and sacred to the pre-colonial Native Americans of the region, our mountain offers solace to all who gaze upon it.

Hike and Bike

Regional Hiking and Biking areas and trails. Only a few hikes for now, but watch us grow. Would you like to help add to these? Also - links to orientering.

Places to See

Demonstration Farms, Mansions, and Adobes. Each structure is a part of our history, and can tell us how we got to where we are at the edge of a new milenium


Airports, Railroad Stations, Public Transportation, Car Pooling and even (gasp!) Solo Driving info.

Movie Theaters.

Links to external pages sorted out by region. No need to hunt with your browser.

Natural Science Exhibits.

Really good sites in our area, especially suited for young people.

Disfunction Junction (680/24 Interchange)

What a mess! Finally almost complete, find out what is being built and how it is done. Definitely not an official page of Caltrans or the contractors.

Play Trains

Full Size and Model Trains for Fun. Some information about local sites, with links to home pages for regional operations.

Radio Control Sailplanes

Learn why RC Sailplanes are the best way to learn to fly RC aircraft. How to modify kits for durability. How to build your own bungee launch setup.


The play's the thing (external ticket seller's link no reviews). We will soon be adding a local page on the California Shakespeare Festival

Children's Theater

Plays for young people (external ticket seller's link, no reviews).


Music (external ticket seller's link, no reviews).


Light opera (external ticket seller's link, no reviews).


Index to sports (external ticket seller's link).

Local Historic Landmarks

Index to local landmarks (external page).

Democratic Action Index.

Democratic Clubs, Candidates and Activities. Join us - Democrats have more fun!


Additions to this page in the near future will include the following topics:

Index to Local Town Pages.

Art exhibits.

Festivals and Fairs.

Behring Auto Museum.

Saving (and Wasting) Water in Contra Costa. Find out what you can do to save water. Find out which individual is the biggest water waster in the entire water district and how you can let him know what you think about his gluttony.

University of California Museum at BlackHawk.


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